Three memorable dates in Mancos history: (1)In the late 1200s the Anasazi leave the area due to harsh conditions (2)The first modern settlers arrive in 1874 (3)Spearhead plays in Cottonwood Park in 2008. Beelining straight from Los Angeles to Mancos, Michael Franti and Spearhead brought the house down last Wednesday to a crowd of fans who still couldnt remember the last time they were in Mancos, at least for a concert.

The hands go up as the sun goes down. Michael Franti and Cherine Anderson perform together during Rude
Boys Back in Town. The band volleys a soccer ball to get the cobwebs out before
going on stage. Young and young at heart alike react as MIchael Franti and
Spearhead open the show with Hello, Bonjour. Jamaican-born Cherine Anderson dances along the bank of speakers
at the edge of the stage during, Hey World. Michael turns the mike on the crowd for their rendition of I Got
Love for Ya. Mike gets some feedback about the show from some fans in the VIP


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