Offering some of the best riding in the area, Phils World has been especially popular during this extended Indian Summer with perfect temperatures and a dozen miles of new trail. Locals have been flocking to the drier and warmer climes of the World in droves, to get it while the gettins good.

Matt Gerhardt enjoyed the buttery singletrack of Phils World
over the weekend, along with many locals who, halfway through
November, were still donning shorts in the Colorado high
desert. Drew Beazley cranks through a burn area along the newly opened
section of trail known as the Ledges Loop With the morning sun at her back, Erin Corwin pedals through a
section of Lemon Head. Making fast turns in loose dirt with a backpack full of camera
gear should be avoided. Matt Gerhardt catches a little air as he crests a whoopdy do
along a section of the popular Rib Cage. A rider stops to soak up the view and the afternoon rays along a
rocky ledge at Phils World on Sunday.


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