Ear to the ground

“Wow, who’s that girl?”

– A Durango Democrat unknowingly admiring Cindy McCain in last week’s Durango Telegraph photo spread

Taking a pass

A season ski pass can be the most precious commodity in a ski bum’s personal portfolio. Nervous skiers and riders in the audience now have a way of protecting that investment.

SkierGuard, an insurance program for “frequent” skiers and riders, is currently selling season pass policies. For 6 percent of the cost of your pass ($30 for an early bird Purg pass), you can cover its full value in case of “loss of season pass use,” “emergency evacuation” or the oft-dreaded “accidental death/dismemberment.”

“A season pass can be a real bargain if you are able to use it enough times,” SkierGuard remarks. “Experienced skiers know that injury or illness – before or during the season – can prevent them from getting the full benefit of a season pass. Missing out on skiing is bad enough – but to lose your investment in a season pass would be even more disappointing.”

The insurance kicks in if you are unable to use your pass for at least 30 consecutive days during the season due to unforeseen injury or illness. If you’re injured at the ski area and require emergency evacuation, SkierGuard will cover up to $15,000 (just enough for the morphine drip) of your medical expenses. SkierGuard will also kick $10,000 to you or your descendents to cover loss of life or limb during the pursuit of powder.

There are a couple of notable exclusions in the policy, however. SkierGuard will not come to the rescue of those caught skiing out of bounds. The policy also fails to cover injuries due to “extreme skiing.” The brochure’s extremely fine print also explains that SkierGuard won’t refund pass prices due to “lack of snow.”

Calling all growers

Gentlemen, start your stubble. The annual Snowdown Beard Growing Contest takes off this Friday, and personal fur could make for personal fame

Hosted by the Carver Brewing Co., the “Snowdown in Da Nile Beard Growing Contest” gives a nod to anyone with a talent for growing facial hair. Those wanting to square off in the “race” category for beard growing will need to present a clean-shaven face to beard officials in the Carvers pub this Friday, Nov. 7, at 7:30 p.m. There is no entry fee and fabulous door prizes will be given away.  The “racers” will return to Carvers for judging Jan. 29. 

Those plagued by slow follicles still have an opportunity to win, also. A variety of other facial hair competitions – including “Best Eqyptian Pharaoh Goatee” – will be held in late January. Stay tuned for the hairy details.