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Marching to Armageddon

Dear Editors,

The last sermon of the last church I attended stated that “every woman in the audience is waiting for a man to be her spiritual leader.” I felt like standing up and protesting, “Scratch one woman, and I’ll bet there are more. Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.” I was silent. I left and never returned. Since I left this church, I have discovered that two of the three local predatory sexual abuse cases that I know of, of father upon daughter, occurred amongst this church’s members. Only one man of the three cases went to jail. The two from this fundamentalist evangelical church still swagger our streets, free. Their former wives and daughters bear the burden of shame and guilt.

These are the people who want to take over our constitution and guarantee that women are not endowed with inalienable rights. Women and their children have historically been reduced to institutionalized poverty. Warren Jeffs, the patriarchs and Republicans simply cannot accept that their slaves are free. They try to turn back the tide by limiting access to contraceptives and to the last ditch choice for women to make when birth control fails.

Power and control over women’s bodies is not only about domination, subjugation and titillation that rapists will tell you about. It is also about population control and the corporate addiction for cheap labor. John McCain, Republicans and corporate America are uniting with rapists and fundamentalist evangelicals to deny women inalienable rights. Republicans look and sound like Warren Jeffs when enforcing their “family values,” which turn out to be enforcing Warren Jeff’s family values.

As we say “good-bye” to the president who did his best to spark Armageddon, will he have accomplished his mission? The Bible reads like a guide to what to avoid doing. Why are so many committed to committing again what has been shown to be out of balance in the beginning?

When will we have had enough of allowing fundamentalists to force us to circle our wagons in a vicious circle around a dead end? Are we living a “Ground Hog Day” moment? I can understand the longing of many to see

their savior, yet why do they feel the need to force him to return? Leading the world into the universal mass suicide of Armageddon is not a fulfillment of God’s dooming prophecy, but a warning to heed, or not. It should be a4good thing that church and state are to be separated in this country. What do you want to reflect of your faith? Domination? Subjugation? Mass suicide? Or the freedom and responsibility of a citizen of the United States?

– Kassandra Johnson, Durango

In support of earned citizenship

Dear Editors,

The League of Women Voters of La Plata County, and all other LWVs across the country, now have a position on immigration from which to advocate for overall reform and against inhumane treatment of unauthorized immigrants. The new national position, announced by the national board of the League of Women Voters in early April, is distilled from the consensus of nearly 850 local LWVs across the country, including ours, after 18 months of grass-roots study. During the study, members discussed the components of an ideal immigration policy as well as treatment of unauthorized immigrants currently residing within our borders.

In a nutshell, League members nationwide oppose deportations and support earned citizenship for unauthorized immigrants, as part of overall immigration reform. Individuals with no criminal record could earn legal status, including citizenship, by paying taxes, learning English, studying civics and meeting other relevant criteria. “We oppose deportations of current unauthorized immigrants with no history of serious criminal activity,” said national League President Mary G. Wilson.

The League position sets criteria for legal admission to the U.S., including family reunification of spouses or minor children; economic, business and employment needs in the U.S.; political persecution or humanitarian crises; and study in the U.S.

Other highlights of the League’s position include support for increased enforcement personnel at borders, more effective tracking of individuals entering the U.S., and significant fines and penalties for employers hiring unauthorized workers. Furthermore, the League will champion due process for all persons, including the right to humane treatment, a fair hearing, counsel and appeal.

Additionally to stem the flow of individuals and families desiring to come to the U.S. for economic reasons, the LWV supports complementary foreign policy designed to improve economies, education, job opportunities and living conditions in nations with large emigrating populations.

The League will use this position to guide its advocacy work on federal, state and local legislation. Recognizing that immigration reform may take place incrementally, the League will examine all relevant legislation to evaluate whether it moves us in the direction of acceptable overall reform. The full position on immigration reform may be found at www.lwv.org under Projects.

– Marilyn Brown, LWV of La Plata County

Plant funds in the local garden

Dear Editors,

With the first deposits of the federal refund checks imminent, I felt it high time to rap y’all about something that’s been on my mind, namely, keeping as much of that magic $600 check here in D-Town baby! The reason: A quick shot of cash into the main vein of the local economy is good for all residents of La Plata County. How do I figure? Easy: cash greases all wheels, and a quick hit now is just what local businesses need coming off the slow ’tweener season. But accomplishing this task, and keeping as much money local as possible, is more difficult than it seems. Why? Durango is light on manufacturing. While going out to eat and shopping at a locally owned store works, to really plant some funds in the local garden, you’ll have to buy a product that is made here. Fortunately, what manufacturing there is here means you have the difficult choice of either chocolate or beer (or natural gas, I suppose). So head down to Ska and pick up a couple o’ 6’ers for the fridge. It’s the right thing to do. I know that’s what I’ll be doin’.

– Erich Hennig, Durango

Importing renewables

Dear Eds,

The good news is the city has moved forward in the plans to offset the Rec. Center’s huge utility bill with solar energy. A huge step forward in a land with many sunny days. However, like a non-tipping Texan, our city has farmed the work out of town. Just like aforementioned stereotype who earned that two-faced reputation, our local leadership has passed on certified local talent in order to look good on paper. Sell your ’94 4-runner and slip into that shinny new H3, ya know you can double park those beauties anywhere and ya don’t even need a turn signal. Perhaps a more qualified team may have been found in Sacramento or perhaps Beijing. Take care of those who elected you, or piss on the American Dream. Love and Cancer.

– John Stears, Durango