More than 300 Durangoans marched down Main Ave. last Friday to let their voices be heard as the war in Iraq reached its five-year anniversary. The peaceful protesters joined millions more all across the country. The ongoing occupation in Iraq is believed to have claimed more than a million lives, including 4,000 American soldiers. The estimated cost of the war is about $12 million each month. Friday's gathering was not only a plea for peace but a call for the continued support of American troops.

Nathan Coe addresses to the crowd in Buckley Park after the
march through town. Marchers make their way down Main. The Durango Police Department kept a close eye on the peaceful
gathering. A young man pumps his fist in support as the crowd marches to
the beat of a different drummer(s). The stars and stripes blowin in the wind on Friday. A young supporter of peace gives the sign from a storefront
window as the procession makes its way up Main Avenue. A group of young activists make their voices heard as the sun
sinks low into the sky on Friday afternoon.