More and more people are getting that travel-itch now that old man winter is hanging up his gloves, and the days are getting longer. And those that take to the skies, whether in commercial or private planes, rely on the help of those on the ground to get them where they want to go. TheTelegraphrecently spent a day on the tarmac with the crew at the Durango Jet Center and Director of Operations Bill Frame to see what goes on between landing and takeoff. From aircraft refueling, maintenance and hanger storage, to charter flights and aircraft rental, these folks are the essential middle-men for those who choose a winged migration.

Gus Westerman, with the Durango Jet Center, gives a pilot the OK
for taxi Tuesday morning. A private plane takes flight after a refuel. Roy Jenkins gasses up a commercial flight on the tarmac in front
of the La Plata County Airport. Jim Flory, reflected, pulls an aircraft from the hangar. Jenkins does an over-the-wing refuel. The fuel hose is essential equipment at the Jet Center. Jim Flory carefully pushes a plane back into the hangar for