Ear to the ground

“It stands for Don’t Ever Leave The Airport.”

– Overheard at SLC international from an exasperated and stranded air traveler

He’s on a roll

For George Pappas, life continues to head downhill – which lately is a good thing. The former slalom skate champ continues to rock the skateboarding world with his amazing comeback, even more remarkable at the age of 43 years young.

“I just got out of jail in January 2007 and started hitting it hard,” said Pappas, who ran afoul of the law a few years back.

However, since then, he’s taken full advantage of his newfound freedom, winning skateboarding titles from coast to coast. Just a few weeks back, Pappas took first in the hybrid slalom and second in the tight slalom in the pro men’s division at the U.S. Slalom Skateboarding Nationals held in Morrow Bay, Calif. He then headed north to the Gorge Games, in Hood River, Ore., for the North American Championships, where he again schooled the much younger field with a first in the tight slalom and a third in the hybrid.

“From Cañon City to skateboarding stardom, he’s kicking ass, I can’t believe it,” said fellow skating cronie and local legend in his own right, Randy Smith.

For those who also need to see to believe, the Gorge Games were taped by Fox Sports and are scheduled to air sometime in August (check you local listings.)

In the meantime, Pappas is enroute to Sweden for the World Championships, (in which he took a third last year) thanks to a little help from his friends. “All they guys in the skate community got together and took up a  collection and raised money for my airline ticket, I’m leaving tomorrow to go win world title,” he said Tuesday from Boulder. “I think I got a shot at it. I just gotta keep it rolling.”

’Do the Durango

Not sure whether to go long or short? The folks atOutside magazine, that bastion of “where to live” lists and fashion spreads on how to look “mountainy” without leaving the cubicle, is now offering up advice in the hair styling department. In the August issue, a “field guide to this summer’s sporting do’s,” offers up four possibilities for the man’doer. Among those: the “Immaculate Dishevelment,” said to be popular among hobos and mountain guides and commonly spotted in Arkansas River boat houses and – where else? – Durango.

As for us, we see a striking resemblance to a hipster version of Billy Crystal.

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