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Exopolitics lands in Durango

Dear Editors,

What is exopolitics?

The relatively new field of exopolitics seeks to research and explore the realm of extraterrestrial civilizations as they relate to humanity – politically, socially and culturally.

Exopolitics does not seek an answer to the question, “Are we alone?” To this field of study that question has been answered satisfactorily many times over by the countless reports of sightings, including experiences of highly credible ex-military and ex-government civilian employees.  

UFO/ET experiences were the subject recently on the “Larry King Live” show, Nov. 9, 2007.

On Nov. 12, 2007, the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., held a conference on UFOs moderated by ex-Arizona governor Fife Symington, sharing his experiences of the Phoenix Lights sightings on March 13, 1997 to other pilots and witnesses from a variety of countries who came together to discuss their sightings and experiences.

Why NOW for exopolitics?

There has been a campaign of ridicule around UFOs making many people unwilling to come forward with their experiences for fear of censure or even losing their jobs. Fortunately this campaign of ridicule is not enough to silence most people any longer. More testimony is coming out, if the public will just take a serious look at the available information. Even presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich admitted to a “close encounter” with a UFO in a recent media interview.

Extraterrestrials appear to have high concern about our use of nuclear weapons and power. UFOs have been credited with the shutting down of nuclear missile silos per government/military witness testimony in the” Disclosure Project” film.

The most critical reason that this subject should come widely out into public awareness at this time is right over our heads – global warming and possibly catastrophic climate change.

If we can accept the current testimony of the ex-military and ex-government employees, that clean, free energy is within our grasp through extraterrestrial technology, technology our government has been back-engineering for at least 60 years, then the means for supplying that energy for the world’s needs is possible

to implement here and now. We must demand of our congressional legislators the release and implementation of this technology to solve our energy crisis, end the “permanent war economy” and begin to apply these energy solutions to saving and cleaning up our planet, perhaps creating a peaceful and safe world for all in the process.

Forty-six years ago, Christmas Eve, 1961, a UFO4 landing occurred at Folsom Ranch, seen by 25 individuals in the Durango area. This was documented by Ruth Starr in her 1977 book, Wonders from the Heavens. Hart Canyon near Aztec, N.M., has been researched as a UFO crash site. The yearly UFO Symposium held there continues to guide tours to the site. There was the March 17, 1950, Farmington Armada of UFOs – half of Farmington’s population reported that they saw a large number of space crafts zooming through the sky.

Strange experiences from childhood onward that I couldn’t readily explain away culminated in having hypnosis done in 1994 with a prominent UFO/abduction phenomenon researcher, Budd Hopkins, author of Missing Time. The information that came through that session and my journey to understand it plunged me into a completely different world. I delved deeply into this, though fearing ridicule myself. There was so much I couldn’t get answers to, I tried for a while to shun the whole subject. Finally I began the healing journey to integrate these experiences productively into the whole of my life. I have resisted coming forward as yet another voice in this extraterrestrial drama for a long time. And yet, motivated by the desire for a better world, I am coming forward now to point attention to the most critical elements of this issue.

I am a local artist and lifecoach living in Durango and intend to continue educating the public about this phenomenon through the showing of the film “The Disclosure Project Witness Testimony” at the Unitarian Universalist church at 419 San Juan Drive at Columbine in Durango on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 19, at 1 p.m. Time for questions and discussion after are included, and a handout of reference websites will be given out. Subsequent events and opportunities for other films and discussion will be planned in the future also. I can be contacted at gaiatribe.niara@gmail.com or 749-4292.

– Niara Isley, Durango


Save the Colorado Trail

Dear Editors,

I hope Durango cyclists and bike shops will hold a Boston Tea Party for the Forest Service. The Forest Service’s new proposal to ban cycling in the west Hermosa area is a step too far. Indian Trail Ridge on the Colorado Trail represents the best of Durango mountain biking. Once that is gone, why not take away the rest of the Colorado Trail?   To ban bikes in west Hermosa is a breach of our freedom to ride, and it should not happen.

As a taxpayer, I cannot understand why the Forest Service wants to ban cycling in the west Hermosa area. Is it so they can lease it to their friends for grazing? Hydromowing, anyone? The West Hermosa Creek drainage is a primitive area where mountain bikers are the predominant users, and other than some more trail clearing, it needs to remain roadless and primitive the way it is. Thanks to the Durango Telegraph for its coverage.

It’s a freedom to ride in the west Hermosa area!

– Gardener Catsman, via e-mail


From my cold dead hands

Dear Editors,

In regards to the USFS closing the Colorado Trail to mountain bikers: Uh, to paraphrase Moses, “they will have to pry my bike from my cold dead hands ... .”

– Sincerely, Rick Callies, Vallecito


Paddy calls for pro-action

Dear Editors,

I am on the Durango 9-R School Board. I can not speak for the board. I do not make decisions for the board. I am one member of seven.

One of the reasons for the school board’s ineffectiveness in dealing with public concerns, is that former board members took a “laissez faire” attitude and adopted a “policy governance” that has given the school superintendent all but total control of the district. Lord Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” With no recourse but to note insubordination in an evaluation, the current superintendent, whose contract was not extended, is in a position to bring substantial liability unto the district, be it through retaliation, revenge or neglect. As an employer, would you terminate an employee and then leave them in charge of the cash register while you find their replacement? We can be pro-active ... or re-active. With a $53 million budget, 9-R School District is the No. 1 employer in La Plata County, yet less than half of the 787 employees are teachers who are in the classroom. More of your tax dollars are spent on administration than on the actual education of 9-R students. The 9-R school board is currently interviewing for a new superintendent, but without revised board policies, you can expect more of the same. I ask that the public make the 9-R school board responsible and accountable. If it were solely up to me (and some of you are saying “thank God it is not”), I would terminate the current superintendent’s contract for cause, effective immediately, seek new legal council for the district, and rewrite school board policies to give control back to the board. These are issues that need to be addressed now.

– Padraig Lynch, Durango


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