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The other side of the story

Dear Editors, 

In the Soapbox section of the Dec. 20 edition, was a story from Julie Albina, a newly-relocated reader who had her bike stolen at the library.

I was saddened to hear the disparaging account of her ‘Welcome to Durango’ and would like to jump onto your Soapbox for a moment to show Julie another side, one she so far has only seen snippets of: Our family moved to Durango from Southern California about 3 years ago (BIG culture shock!) and have also been impressed by the people here (in many good ways, but these two accounts are relevant):

Last summer, I dropped a carload of high-school kids off at the river to go tubing, and the last one to use my cell phone left it on the back bumper or the top of the car. Anyway, it fell off into the street off 32nd. That same day, one of our local teachers returned it to me via the police station. What a relief – but she wasn’t only conscientious enough to pick it up, she went out of her way to call numbers on it to find me, to find parking and do some walking to do that for me!

In this town, with all the “kamikaze” deer, and outdoor activities, cell phones are critical: That same day, one of the river tubers I’d dropped off suddenly began going into a coma (they’d landed on the shore of the river for a warm break from the cold water)! A bystander had a cell phone in hand – and that 911 call saved his young life.

This fall, I was helping my daughter pick and choose between craft paints at Wal-Mart, and let’s blame it on a pre-senior-moment, I left my leather purse there on the floor. After 20 minutes in line, I then realized I didn’t have it. The one time I was carrying actual cash... and employees have told us several times that purse-snatching has happened there - you can imagine my panic! But I experienced nothing short of a miracle to find it completely safe and sound, because someone had anonymously taken it to the customer service desk.

Durango may be full of nuts – but Julie is right, it’s mainly full of ‘good peanuts.’ Because my 19-year-old daughter has witnessed the generous and kind spirit of our community (in these experiences and others), she’d like to GIVE HER BICYCLE to Julie Albina. Of course,

I’m positive you’ve already had plenty of other offers, but a spare bike never hurts.

Please let us know how we can accomplish this, and thanks!

– Laureli Phillips, via e-mail


The season of comfort

Away at the curb My car is so cold. While I’m in bed, toasty And warm, all told.

Braving the el-e-Ments, I start my car. Running back inside, Wishing it weren’t so far.

Now I start up the coffee And jump in the shower For, like it or not, it’s Approaching that hour.

To work I must go with Hot coffee in tow. And lucky for me, My car’s warm and aglow.

With temperatures this low, Vigilant I must be To take care not to go Any place below seventy. So walk to work, bike to Work, that’s not for me.

This is the season Of comfort and ease. Now yes I know Al Gore, He would not approve. Nor would Melissa Or Bono of U2.

But I did my part:  watched his “Truth” and bought her CD. But “truthiness,” that’s much More comfy for me.

I hear on the news while I’m driving to Bread. The arctic is thawing, and The polar bears are in dread.

Climate change, compact Fluorescents, oy vey. Get the prime parking Spot, that’s why I pray.

Now is the time For this song to end. My car’s out of gas, and I’ve no money to spend.

Looks like I’ll get those Boots out of the closet, Or check out those hybrids The tree-huggers covet.

Maybe Al, Bono, And Melissa are right. We all need to wake up and Set this world right.

So walk to work, bike to Work, let’s give it a try. Use hybrids and carpools, and Earth just might survive.

– Pamela K.M. Smith, Durango


Representing the change

Hey thereTelegraph, I’ve been a Durango resident for the past eight years and like many people throughout the country, and world no less, know that we need a change in direction. Ron Paul represents that change, and he is getting support at an exponential rate as more people actually hear what he says rather than the less than accurate perception portrayed by the TV media. I am asking you lovely folks at the Telegraph, the only paper worth picking up in Durango to run an article on Ron Paul’s success thus far, which has far exceeded all expectations and broken records almost without trying. Ron Paul has put no effort into organizing the very successful “money bomb” campaign that is going right now. There are so many amazing aspects to Ron Paul, his campaign, his messages and his growing support.  Without any direct effort from Paul, his campaign supporters have launched a blimp encouraging people to simply “Google Ron Paul.” Please give Ron Paul at least some of the coverage he deserves, his supporters deserve, and the public deserves.

I got nothin’ but love for us all.Please help in any way you can.

– Thank you, Daniel Pelletier,

via e-mail

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