With its orgins rooted in Germanic pagan ritual, the Christmas tree is one of the most popular traditions associated with the celebratioin of the winter holidays. And while some prefer picking up their coniferous evergreen during a stop at their local grocery store, others abide by the time-honored tradition of trudging out into the woods and felling a tree with nothing but the help of a saw and gravity and a Forest Service permit, of course.

Ben Griffith searches high and low for the perfect tree to adorn
his living room this holiday season. Patrick McBrayer, 4, learns to trim the base of the tree with
assistance from his father, Justin. Tree hunters head home with their newest living room accessory
strapped to the roof of the family truckster. Justin and Anna McBrayer inspect their fallen tree prior to
hauling it out of the woods. Griffith trims his selection. Trees must be taken from
designated areas and stand no taller than 20 feet. In a barren grove of aspen, Ben Griffith drops the beauty that
will stand over his familys presents this year.


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