If you havent heard of The Roost Factory, you are not alone. But chances are, somewhere around town, youve drooled over a bike that has passed through these hallowed halls of part urban legend, part bike shop. Over the last nine years, The Roost Factory has, in the tradition of the late Old Man Smiley, been collecting bikes from anywhere and everywhere, restoring them and distributing them back into the community. During the last four years alone, it has sold more than 100 bikes from a unique home/bike shop on East Fifth Avenue. And Saturday morning was host to the Triple-Super-Duper Bike Sale, offering a unique opportunity for the general public to come out and sift through dozens of rare cruisers, road bikes, single-speeds and strange but functional hybrids, not to mention tires, cogs, pedals and just about anything else you would need to build a bike from the ground up. They even sold a 1986 VW van, donated by Trails 2000 as a fund-raiser for the Durango Devo team. Far from your average yard sale, last weekends bike sale was a chance for the factory to unload years of gear in order to make an upcoming move more manageable. But dont worry, the Roost will be back at it sooner than you can say, Damn, thats a sweet bike!

Early birds check out the years of gear that were up for grabs
at last Saturdays bike sale. Shoppers stock up on odds and ends next to the donated VW van
that raised funds for the Durango Devo team. Above: Anne Cheeney, center, fields questions and collects cash
from the steady throngs of people who came to the
Triple-Super-Duper Bike Sale. Donna Duke, far right, waits for her husband to help load up her
new cruiser. Chain rings and cassettes, by the dozens, await shoppers
perusal. Chad Cheeney, manufacturer of potential roost, helps a buyer
choose a good tire. Local bike junkie Bill Boaradman sifts through parts that he
will use on his next project.


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