heskies were a robin-egg blue early Sunday morning as dozens of local cyclists boarded a bus (with their favorite klunkers in tow) and headed for the hills, celebrating the 4th annual Klunker Classic, a nearly 30-mile, goot-time downhill. While this years ode to the birth of mountain biking was full of laughs, dust and, er, party favors, riders also used the occassion as a fund-raiser for the recovery of pro-mountain bike downhiller Tara Llanes, who was paralyzed in a bike wreck in Beaver Creek last month. The event just goes to show that the enourmous heart of the local bike community is shadowed only by its natural ability to have fun. This ones goes out to Tara.

<br clear=" width="250" height="349" xwidth="250" xheight="349" /> A group of riders pauses for a break by an overlook Sunday
morning. Melinda Schishim and Eric Ringueberg klunk along at the
beginning of the ride. Jon Bailey jumps six very trusting companions on his pink
single-speed Sunday morning. Ah, the joys of gravity and friction. Russell Zimmerman raises a toast toward Denver, where Tara
Llanes is recovering from a debilitating bike wreck she suffered in
early September.