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More than just chemtrails

Dear Editors,

There are important scientific connections in regard to recent worldwide effects of honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder, the dramatic deaths of birds, fish, dolphins, whales, fruits, vegetables and trees, and an obvious increase in serious human illness. Weakening the sensitive interglacial-peaking warming world, beyond its current 2800km shifted state of magnetism (North Pole being closer to Siberia now, after only 120 years), is humanity’s own monster: communications arrays, military-weaponized electromagnetic radiation, and weather modification.

The rise of mites, fungi, red tide, pine beetles, viruses, thin ozone and the like can only exist because of an already weakened ecosystem. Sure, there is an overdose of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, heat and UV in the air, all in primary thanks to industrial pollution, deforestation and then consumer automobiles. Sure, there are DNA-destroying GM crops (Monsanto), and global biocide from mass pesticide spraying. Insecticide operations, over cities, crops and wilderness (i.e., toxic diethylene Bromide missions run by the Air Force Reserve’s 757th Airlift Squadron of the 910th Airlift Wing through 2005) don’t help, either. The disastrous ecological mishaps, now at outrageous levels beyond 2005, can be hugely attributed to the relative increase in such haphazard idiocy as wireless radiation (radio) communications, as well as chemical/ radio electromagnetic weather modification programs. What happens when the two are combined is chemically toxic, but it is also quite “shocking.”

Defense Advanced Research Program Association (DARPA) has military-contracted command of the Highly Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) microwave ionospheric heater, in Alaska, for “defense purposes.” They also take part in biological warfare “testing” over land, water and city, whereby jets disperse hazardous toxins into the air, which they attempt to eradicate with chemical aerosols or jet-mounted microwave radiation weapons (like AESA). Such jets are crafted especially for radiation weaponry, surveillance or weather-modification programs4by BAE Systems (owner of the HAARP facility) or Raytheon (owner of the HAARP patent) for the Navy and Air Force.

Lockheed Martin and Boeing corporations joined up in a B2B contract with BAE and Raytheon, hardware and software hosted by Microsoft, so that their weapons industry could remain organized between research and production. The NOAA, a member of the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, sold its national weather reporting functionality to Raytheon, who operates it now under the name Advanced Weather Information Processing System. Raytheon is part of the infamous “global warming mitigation” or “global dimming” programs, whereby jets utilizing liquid propane, liquid nitrogen, silver iodide, potassium chlorate, barium oxide, acrylamides and trimethyl aluminum (all toxic), spray fake cloud cover over entire countries. They’ve even managed to create, through their sub-company General Dynamics Robotics, Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles that can fly 72 hours without landing with a payload of 20,000 pounds or more, running entirely on programming, artificial intelligence and satellite-microwave communications. It’s not just local chemtrail “cloud seeding” or “hail prevention” anymore, as is still practiced by the state-and-regional Bureau of Reclamation program member companies of the Weather Modification Association.

Taking a conclusive look at the damage easily done at even the lowest power levels by microwave radiation, like that of cellular phone (microwave) towers, and wi-fi hotspots, to any living being (even miniscule signals, like 10 micro Gauss, can disrupt normal human pineal gland and nervous system function), it is not rocket science to discern how we are totally destroying wild creatures. Raytheon actually invented the microwave oven during WWII, after using it as a weapon first. DARPA documented in the ’70s that the Microwave Auditory Effect can be used to manipulate nervous system signals, such as thoughts, feelings and actions in living creatures, with low-power radio transmissions. It’s made even worse when the wavelength of signal matches the length of antenna, spinal cords, brain and nasal cavities, or even skin layers. The Active Denial System, the U.S.’s new Millimeter Wave (MMW) “anti-terrorist” ray-gun, proves that well enough. Now that toxic aerosol chemicals are sprayed with such cavalier ignorance into our atmosphere for weather-modification programs, conductive air “ducting” (with heavy metals) for microwave RFMP signals as well as the VTRPE and HAARP systems, or to just “bring some rain,” there is no doubt in my mind that this cocktail is the last. Known in MSDS to cause cancer, pulmonary disorders, lesions, nervous system destruction, asthma, blindness, fatigue, immunodeficiency, Alzheimer’s disease, and even death, I think “what comes up must come down,” (of weather modification aerosols), “everything has a frequency” (of biology), and, that in the middle… are the birds and the bees. Take a closer look.

– Lux Et Veritas, Brendan Bombaci, Durango

Stop the brutal Anglicization

Saludos a Los Jefes,

Please educate your writers! Too many of them are using the label “Anglo” to refer generally to those of European descent. This usage is not only incorrect, but it is highly insulting. The label is correct only when applied to the English and those of English descent – not to the French, not to the Germans, not to the Swedes, and certainly not to the Irish! I don’t see your writers referring to Asians as Chinese, nor to Africans as Kenyan, nor to Latin Americans as Mexican, so why the preference for the English when referring to Europeans? Please bring this offensive practice to an end!

– Mairi Maloney, Durango

Blame the green weenies

Dear Editors,

I’m writing this as I travel across Nebraska and find that the average price per gallon of gas is about $3.25. Unlike my liberal friends, I blame the environmental movement rather than the oil companies.

Can’t recall the name, but there is an eco-nazi in southern Arizona that takes pride in the fact that he’s stopped the construction of a refinery west of Phoenix for the past 15 years! Then there’s the Sierra Club that has halted refinery construction and expansion in California.

Fact: there has been no new refinery construction in the United States in over 25 years thanks to your tree hugging buddies!

So, put the blame for high gas prices where it belongs; with the green weenies.

– Dennis Pierce, via e-mail

Editors’ reply:As soon as oil companies and their CEOs stop skimming record profits during these “troubling” petroleum industry times, we’ll consider coming over to your side of the fence.

Bad gas in Albuquerque

Dear Editors,

I don’t know what to make of your “reporting” on the story, “Gassed Out.” If this were an April Fool’s edition, I (think I) would understand. But, really, don’t you think your credibility is damaged by repeating chain-letter e-mails in your publication, even if in The Pole? http://www.snopes.com/politics/gasoline/ nogas.asp

– Jack Cloud Albuquerque, N.M .

The Importance of Trivia

In nineteen sixty-one

The Philadelphia Phillies lost twenty-three games in a row.

I went to my first Phils game in nineteen sixty-two.

I remembered my excitement and I pounded the glove at dawn.

It rained that morning,

And I thought we’d have to take a rain check.

Miracles happen, the skies cleared overhead

And sure enough, Reverend Wycoff picked us boys up on the church block

And we headed for Shibe Park.

The Phils starting pitcher was a rookie

By the name of Paul Brown. His opposition was Larry Jackson of the Cards.

The memory stings.

For the very first time, I saw real ballplayers on that wonderous humid June afternoon.

The grass seemed too perfect, and there, in the distance was the notorious corrugated right field wall; a right fielder’s nightmare for few knew how to play the carom.

Sluggers like Stan Musiel, Johnny Callison, Curt Flood, and Wes Covington had no Trouble clearing that wall and sending the bouncing cowhide down twenty-second and Lehigh Avenue.

My hopes were with young Paul Brown that day. I sighed and groaned at every one of his pitches. He ended up the loser. It was one of his six losses that year.

He never won a game in the majors .

The Phils won the second game but I don’t remember much about it,

Somehow Paul Brown stuck in my head.

My old friend Duke told me that baseball was the perfect game

Between angles and I agree. Through the years I have seen dozens

Of games in many ballparks, played by the elite of the game

But somehow, Paul Brown and my first Phils game

Remains one of my most indelible of baseball


– Burt Baldwin

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