There is perverse humor in the act of witnessing someone elses misfortune, particulary from a safe, warm vantage point on dry land. The flailing arms and legs, priceless facial expressions and airborne beverages have been spawning guffaws since man first got his oars wet. And while it may be a terrifying experience for the helpless victims, most people end up laughing about it over a few beers later that afternoon. So with the Animas nearing its peak, the Whitewater Park was bustling with spectators as dozens of rafts, duckies and various assorted other watercraft were tossed about at the rivers whim. Although all of these photos document a mere split second in time, they lay testament to the truly unique sight of people at their most vulnerable.

Shannon Montera, far right, gets a face full of PFD while others
demonstrate the feet in the air method of plowing through
Smelter. An unlucky paddler takes a dip through Smelter as a startled
group gauges whats in store. Andrea Stachowski makes the dive for life as she is plucked from
Corner Pocket on Saturday. This boater shows perfect form with the ever-popular
kick-your-friend-in-the-face-with-the-rest-of-the-beer exit. This gentleman realizes the importance of proper footwear just
moments before he soaks his shoes for the rest of the day. Dont forget the kids. Swimmings fun for the whole family!


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