Friday, March 9, 2007, marked a milestone for the Durango Public Library as it celebrated its 100th birthday. With more than a thousand visitors a day, the library has been an invaluable resource, meeting place and sactuary for local residents for a century. With the advent of the Internet, many thought the future of public libraries would be bleak. On the contrary, such innovations have only fueled the librarys popularity, with expansion planned on the site of the old Mercy Medical Center. Not just a celebration of the building itself, March 9th was also a time to honor the people that had seen the community flourish and grow into what it is today. So heres to another century, late fees and all.

Members of the High-Wheeler Bike Team take a rest after the
parade on Second Avenue. The Westwind Pipe Band does its best Sgt. Peppers across 12th
Street during the librarys celebration. Mike Darmour, 60-year member of the Masons and master of
ceremonies for the celebration, leads the group in a prayer outside
the library Friday afternoon. The 1907 cornerstone of the library was removed for the
ceremony. Durango Mayor Sidny Zink addresses the crowd outside the
library. Mike Darmour, left, and Arthur Lemmon soak up some afternoon sun
before the events started Friday.


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