Ah, the joys of summertime. Long days, short sleeves, warm nights and cold beer are just a few of the luxeries bestowed upon us during these few precious months between cold and, well, cold. And somewhere between the no-see-um bites and the cortisone, many Durangoans even find time for some good, old-fashioned competition. Sponsored by local businesses, teams consist of five guys and five gals who play nothing but in-your-face, slow-pitch softball. One such team is the highly visable Big Bobs Belly Busters, sponsored by Farquahrts. Armed with pink tees and a cunning wit, they are one of the many teams competing in this years league. With games being played nearly every evening, youre encouraged to stroll up to the mesa, plop your bottom on the bleachers, sit back and watch your favorite local businesses go head to head to find out who really is King of the Mound. No Cracker Jacks required.

Mark Galeazzi watches on as Justin Crump prepares to pulverize
the soft, oversized baseball. Taylor Crump sports the teams colors as she watches the game
from the bleachers. Stephanie Milner, playing second base, uses an imposing game
face and war paint to intimidate batters at the plate. A good attitude is the key to having a good time. Jamie Hill,
right, gives some skin to the opposing team. You cant win em all. Melissa Topey, left, watches as Lil Ruth
crushes the ball into center field.


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