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Proper use of cyanide

Dear Ms. Votel,

While reading your article entitled “Gold Mining Resurrected”, from Aug. 10, 2006, I could not help but notice your misunderstanding of cyanide leaching as used in gold mining. Your article states, “The practice has come under fire for the environmental damage and pollution it causes.“ This statement is incorrect. Cyanidation and its use in gold mining are widely misunderstood, as your statement attests. The use of cyanidation has “come under fire” because of errors in its use which potentially cause repairable environmental damage. Proper cyanidation in metal extraction causes no pollution or environmental damage. This can easily be noticed at successful operations like the Cresson Mine in Colorado, and numerous mines in Nevada (not to mention the world). Unsuccessful operations where costly cyanide spills have caused temporary damage are the exception, not the norm.

Thank you for paying attention to a major industry that is directly responsible for the advancement of our civilization: mining. Please remember, if it cannot be grown, it must be mined!

– Yours truly, Matt Collins

Kudos to the Telegraph

Dear Editors,

Thank you for the recent banter you have offered up to your readers regarding your obviously disgruntled ex-employee. I find this type of wordsmithing very entertaining. As a publisher of an independent print venue myself, I agree with you about the needless criticism and ridicule your counterpart suggests. You and your staff produce a fine alternative representation of the area. I enjoy reading it weekly and commend you on your efforts. I look forward to seeing what type of publication his team produces. I know I would enjoy the inessential qualities they would offer, for a limited time only of course. Readers, please know that I am a visual artist, not a writer or editor.

– Heather Leavitt, art director/publisher, Arts Perspective Magazine


Better off without government

Dear Editors,

The recent tragedy at that mosque in Pakistan reminded me of Waco, Texas. Wouldn’t the citizens of the world be better off without their governments?

– Doug Quinones, via e-amil

A Confession

When I looked at you

Straight in the eye,

My heart started to sing

Like a sparrow in the snow.

When you looked at me

Straight in the eye,

I wondered?

Did you see an

Empty skiff


So very slowly by?

– Burt Baldwin, Ignacio

Faulty Republican intelligence

Dear Editors,

Republicans (or should I say these fake Republicans because real ones don’t act in this irresponsible way, and I happen to admire, even respect a few of the real ones) cannot be trusted to do our geopolitical thinking.

One doesn’t just discard diplomacy and then go about the business of kicking people’s doors down in the hopes of winning friends and influencing people as we have in Iraq. When in history has that ever worked? Afghanistan was a different story. It was justified and even honorable to go after the insane Taliban. But then someone just had to get greedy and put us on this hellish road in Iraq. Faulty intelligence indeed! It’s tragic.

I see more letters to the editors across the country with people calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney and throwing in Rumsfeld for prosecution for crimes against the country. I think I’d go along with that. If this is to actually happen though, it will take a new Independent/Democratic administration in 549 days, 6 hours and 17 minutes from now. Democrats, Independents, the Politically/Intellectually Integrated and others who just want the madness stopped MUST find more patient faith and strength in the Congress as they are doing everything within their power I believe. But then that’s another story.

– Grant D. Cyrus, via e-mail