Lets face it, when it comes to dogs and their owners, the dogs definitely hold the cards. Every day, they are fed, watered, walked and whizzed by their so-called masters. While we work the day away, dogs spend their hours lying around in the yard or rummaging through our garbage. Without a possession to their name (unless of course you count the rhinestone-studded collars, the leather leashes, or the dozens of chew toys) they live their lives in total simplicity. Without saying a word, they command our time and attention, and then hog the bed as if their days are just too strenuous to bear. Tag alongs to things such as boating, backpacking and barbeques, your average Fido usually has it made, even when you might not. But all in all, nothing could be more genuine than a dogs loyalty to its keeper. So when the hotter months roll around and those icy waters warm to barely tolerable, the dog days of summer begin. And in a place such as Durango, where dogs are even given their own radioactive playground, you should expect to find that a dogs life surpasses even those snooty Manhattan, I-only-poop-on-5th-&-Broadway types. Here are but a few of the cuddly canines lucky enough to call this area home.

Chatiemac, a Bernese mountain dog, left, lives the ruff life
with his pal Marcy on a trip to Durango from Telluride, where
apparently they have no Animal Protection squad. Poet, a five-year-old black lab, gets a go for launch into the
choppy waters of Vallecito Resevoir. Roxy, an Australian shepard mix who was rescued from the pound,
takes a break from chasing rabbits to sit pretty for the
camera. Yubby waits patiently in an xtra-cycle while her owner, Allen
Pettis gets a haircut. Dogs need haircuts too!