On June 27, Durango held its sixth-annual Bike-to-Work Day, which seeks to raise awareness of alternative transportation, particularly daily commuting by bicycle. With everything from free I Love My Bike bells, to local suds in the beer garden, this years event was, well, another excuse to party on Main. And at the hub of the event was the Smiley Bike Project, which gave away oodles of bikes to those who need them the most. What else can you say except, Lay off the petrol!

While the festivities were in the street, some people chose to
take in the scene from a higher point of view. Chad Cheeney, right, keeps racers times on the sidewalk during
the bicycle obstacle course last Wedensday afternoon. These boots were made for brewin. Eric Maxson with Carvers
Brewing Co. sporting his steel toed, chemical resistant kicks in
the very popular beer garden. The tag for the Smiley Bike Project, aka SBP, adorns one of many
bikes to be given away to those in need during this years Bike to
Work Day.


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