Ear to the ground

“I actually attribute most of my medical problems to lack of sex.”

-A father of four explaining why unexpected ailments strike from time to time

Meeting the challenge

Commuters rose to the challenge last week. The June 27 Bike to Work Day enjoyed huge turn out, and more than two dozen local businesses took part in the first annual Trails 2000 Commuter Challenge.

The Commuter Challenge encouraged businesses of all sizes to get their workers out of their cars and onto the pedals. The Challenge included categories for large companies (more than 25 employees) and small companies (less than 25), and scores were based on percentage of participation.

In the large company category, Durango Orthopedic won with 64 percent participation. Lore International was the runner-up with 63 percent, and First National Bank was third, with 53 percent participation. In the small company category, there was a five-way tie between Habitat for Humanity (five of five); Columbine Landscape (five of five); Sugnet-Moore Environmental (seven of seven); SW Conservation Corp (nine of nine); and Russell Engineering the largest in the small companies with 18 of 18 employees riding to work.

Ron Andrews, owner of King Cage, designed and created the trophies. Large business winners took home a pedal and actual shoe mounted onto a piece of door paneling, The small businesses were honored with awards featuring a deodorant can mounted on door panel. Durango Joe’s also provided breakfast to all the winners.

A true trophy home

Still think Durango real estate is getting expensive? A 56,000-square-foot house near Aspen owned by Prince Bandar bin Sultan is still waiting for a buyer. The mansion, which is named “Hala” and includes 95 acres, went on the block last summer for $135 million, the highest price ever asked for a home in the United States.

The main residence has 15 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms and features its own hair and beauty salon, an indoor swimming pool, steam room, gym and heated stables. The estate also has its own water treatment plant, garage facilities including gas pumps and a car wash and extensive security facilities.

Prince Bandar is the former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States.


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