Durango Telegraph - Piping into the Spirit Trail
Piping into the Spirit Trail

Trail improvements may not be the only work in store for the Mountain Park this summer. A large pipeline project is also proposed that could alter the popular Spirit Trail on the Mountain Park’s south end.

Development is imminent on the large parcel located just west of the Manna Soup Kitchen. That and increased growth along U.S. Highway 160 and in the Durango Tech Center have led to the need for a larger municipal waterline in the area, according to the City of Durango. By necessity, the pipeline will cross the large southern loop of the singletrack known as the Spirit Trail, and as with all utility extensions, the pipeline could significantly alter the character of the trail. Trails 2000 is currently negotiating with the City of Durango in the hopes that the waterline can be extended without seriously damaging the recreation resource.

“As with any public utility, you have to work within the constraints of servicing the people,” said Mary Monroe, executive director of Trails 2000. “We’re trying to figure out the least invasive way to the trail system to make that happen.”

– Will Sands