Durango Telegraph - The view from White Mesa: Uranium looks to years of growth
The view from White Mesa: Uranium looks to years of growth

The International Uranium Corp. doesn’t appear to have many concerns about the integrity of its White Mesa Uranium Mill in Blanding or the impacts of revitalized uranium mining in Utah and western Colorado.

Last summer, the company announced the reopening of its U.S. uranium and vanadium mines. IUC has numerous mines in the Four Corners, concentrated on the Colorado Plateau, in the Henry Mountains and along the Arizona Strip near the Grand Canyon. Last August, the company resumed mining at the Pandora, Topaz, Sunday and St. Jude mines on the Colorado Plateau and plans to open two additional mines in the region early this year.

“IUC is happy to be back as a significant U.S. uranium producer – and at a time of record uranium prices,” Ron Hochstein, president of IUC, commented. “Our mines and mill will provide us with many years of rapid growth to look forward to.”

Hochstein added that IUC has big plans for the White Mesa Mill to become the region’s principle refiner of uranium ore. “We intend on utilizing our large capacity mill to its full advantage,” he said.

In addition to the reprocessing of tailings, mined ore is currently being stockpiled at White Mesa and processing of mined ore is expected to begin late this year. The mill remains one of only two operating uranium mills in the United States.

– Will Sands

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