Ska Brewing has done it again. But this time it's organic. On Friday, Feb., 2, Ska will introduce its first ever 100% organic beer. The "Double Chocolate Stout" is made with all- organic malts and is the second beer in Skas "Local Series." Although it will be overlapping with the 13th annual and much-loved Snowdown label, there are few doubts that the organic beer will have trouble selling. Coming soon to a liquor store near you.

Ben Rae holds an unopened bottle of Ska Brewing's newest in the
line-up, the Double Chocolate Stout shortly it was bottled. This is
the first beer from Ska to be made from 100 percent organic
ingredients. Josh Clarke and Jackson Garcia direct their attention to a
device that measures the carbonation levels in each of the
vats. Chase Engel oversees the bottling process for some
larger-than-average bottles of the new all-organic beer. Ben Rae drops a pair of the new beers, still wet off the racks,
into the box.


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