Durango Telegraph - How well do you know ?Goodnight Moon?'
How well do you know ?Goodnight Moon?'

1) What book does “Bunny” read before bedtime?

a) Goodnight Moon b) Peter Rabbit c) To the Lighthouse d) Waiting for Godot

2) What is the other frequently read book in Bunny’s room?

a) Pat the Bunny b) Runaway Bunny c) The No-Cry Sleep Solution d) B’rer Rabbit

3) Besides the cow jumping over the moon and the three little bears, what is the other painting in the “great green room?”

a) Valezquez’ “Las Meninas” b) Jack and the Beanstalk c) An Escher d) A fishing scene

4) What do you use to land an ichthypomorphic lepus?

a) caddis fly b) caterpillar c) carrot and stick d) hawaiian sling

5) Who eats the bowl of mush?

a) Bunny b) the old lady

whispering hush c) the mouse d) two little kittens

6) When bunny says goodnight to “nobody” to whom is he referring?

a) The subconscious self b) No one. He’s just covering his bases c) His folks d) His imaginary friend

7) Goodnight Moon was first issued in 1947. In light of this, what historic power dynamic is represented by the old lady and Bunny?

a) Communism v Democracy b) the Old School v Avante Garde c) Freud v Jung d) Mush v. Oatmeal

8) How long does it take for bunny to fall asleep?

a) 20 minutes b) 45 minutes c) over an hour d) 61 years

Answers: 1-a, 2-b, 3-d, 4-c, 5-c, 6 ?, 7 all above 8 c,d

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