What began in San Francisco around the Christmas of 1891 has now become one of the most recognizable sights (and sounds) of the holiday season, the Salvation Army Bell Ringers. For more than a century, these warm-hearted citizens have braved chilly winds and often cold-hearted shoppers (who avoid eye-contact as a way to slip by) all for the sake of helping those less fortunate. In a season when many people need somebody to lean on, every nickel, dime, quarter and dollar dropped into those kettles goes directly back into the community from whence it came. In La Plata County and nationwide, the Salvation Army helps brighten the holidays of millions of needy people with emergency medical assistance, nourishment, rent and mortgage help as well as scholarships. So this year, dont be grinch. A little change can make a big difference.

The bell ... be not afraid. Richard Archuleta, volunteering for La Plata Electric, is busy
ring-ding-a-ding-dingin away Monday morning outside the Durango
Mall. Andrea Korb donates to the kettle with some cash and a
smile. The generous hand of Skip Garcia stuffs a wad into the kettle,
making someones holiday a little more special.


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