Durango Telegraph - Durango's Top 10
Durango's Top 10

Elite Men

Todd Wells – GT Bicycles, 3rd

Troy Wells – Clif Bar, 5th

Collegiate Division 1 Men

Joey Thompson – FLC/RMCF, 2nd

Benjamin Sonntag – FLC,8th

Collegiate Division 1 Women

Sabina Kraushaar – FLC,–5th

Emma Millar – FLC, 7th

Masters Men 30-34

Grant Berry – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 2nd

Masters Men 35-39

Travis Brown – unattached, 6th

Masters Men 50-54

Ned Overend – unattached, 1st

Masters Women 55-59

Martha Iverson – Durango Wheel Club, 6th

Masters Men 70+

Walt Axthelm – Durango Wheel Club, 1st

Singlespeed Division

Travis Brown – unattached, 2nd

Jon Bailey – unattached, 11th

Under 29 B-Male

Robin Guillaume – unattached, 4th

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