Durango Telegraph - The Farmington phenomenon
The Farmington phenomenon

Investors still looking for that golden nest egg need look no further than Farmington, N.M. Durango’s bargain-priced neighbor to the south was recently featured on NBC’s “Today Show” as bucking the national trend of sagging housing markets.

Farmington was featured along with three other “up-and-coming” markets nationwide.

Other areas included Redding, Pa.; Austin, Texas; and Biddleville, N.C., outside of Charlotte.

Not only is Farmington a relative bargain, with the median home price at $188,865, but it is also a good investment, with median prices still climbing to the annual tune of 10 percent, despite the national downturn. All this, and the area is “drop-dead” gorgeous, according to the 10-second stint, which aired last Friday.

–Missy Votel