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The big picture and leadership

Dear Editors,

This is in response to last week’s letter, “Won’t get fooled again” I feel, I really understand - most of us had enough - the media, the leaders, the corporations, we feel, I feel are abusing their powers – money spend on a useless war without an end, money, profits gained from the war by corporations. I feel, we had been “brainwashed,” made to believe that they – leaders – are doing the “right” thing because it is in the name of “freedom,” and it is “right” to fight “terrorism.” I can see how our leaders do not see (or choose not to see) their oppressing ways, how much suffering is caused by their choices. I understand, we want leaders who really respond and support our human issues, who care about well-being of citizens. At the same time our leaders – like us – are traveling their path, like us they are on a journey of evolution and even though we would like them, always, or almost always to do only what is for the good of the nation, of the world they have their own issues to work out. Just like us they are doing their best and many times their best is not good enough for us, because maybe we think that they are “supposed to” do, be always good. But we also do not always do what is “right,” and others think we “should” know better.

Personally, I have opened my mind to the Big Picture. I believe there is a depth to our human existence that our earthly mind has limited understanding of, and we can look at other people’s choices with compassion, as we have compassion for our own choices. Personally, I see how our leaders are just following a suit established by our founding fathers. Yes, we got our independence but the message was clear – the white, affluent male is the leader (women and people of color had no voting rights). The white male capitalist looking out for only self-interests was the role model. As a by-product, to appease, bare minimum polices were made to show they care about well-being of citizens. And it seems we, as nation have been in denial of what is really happening in this country, we really want to believe our leaders so most of the time we blindly let them lead us. When we open our eyes, we feel “fooled,” I understand, and the next time we hope to make a choice, so we are not “fooled” again, but there are no guarantees, that’s just life, to experience, to let it go. Power and money are very alluring ways to exert control, and it is only human to seek it, until we have to seek it no more. In the mean time it is what it is. And our part?4

Do our best to follow our heart, to be who we really want to be. Our attitudes influence us, our family, our community, our nation, our world. As we feel peaceful inside, there is peace outside of us. That is how each one of us makes a change in the world, by changing ourselves, not others.

– Thank you for your time, Halina Koperniak, Vallecito

Light railing into the future

Dear Eds,

I find it interesting that no one has come forth with a plan to utilize the D&SNG tracks for light rail transportation. A park and ride at Hermosa, Trimble, Iron Horse Inn and stops at the Rec Center, new library Town Square and the station would go a long way toward cutting down on traffic. Technology is such that the light rail could be scheduled around the tourist trains to maximize commuter usage and could very well cut down on high school buses clogging Main Street at 7:30 a.m.

There may be some issues regarding the fact that the D&SNG is designated as a historical train and using the right of way for commuter traffic might present some legal obstacles. Perhaps our local and regional representatives can earn their keep by finding some answers that benefit the community.

– Dennis Pierce, via e-mail

Don’t forget the wounded

Dear Editors,

While Americans debate the War in Iraq – many times more bitterly than intellectually – we have forgotten our wounded men and women who are recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other military hospitals around the country.

Every week planeloads of seriously wounded military arrive in the United States for medical treatment and recovery – often staying over a year in a hospital. They arrive with few, if any, of their personal possessions. Many are amputees who make the hospital their home-away-from-home while learning to move forward with their lives with the aid of outstanding medical, physical and occupational therapy staffs.

In 2003, the Angels of Mercy Program was founded to help these wounded men and women and their families. In 2004, Newman’s Own named the Angels the best volunteer program in American supporting our military. The program provides clothing suitable for rehabilitation, comfort items and a broad range of support for young family members who have uprooted their lives to be with their loved ones at the hospital. We need help to keep this nonpolitical, all-volunteer program going. Our total effort is on helping those who have given so much and letting them know their country cares about their sacrifices.

The web site www.SupportOurWounded.org contains many background details and suggests ways Americans can help. The Angels of Mercy Program can also be reached by phone: (703) 938-8930. Our wounded need your help.

– Jay Edwards, Angels of Mercy Program, via e-mail


Trouble can come as a red-eyed crow to the window.

The destruction of Nature is a form of self-abuse.

A wounded heart scars but never heals.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined the adage, “The Pen

Is Mightier than the Sword,” but most leaders put

their faith in the sword.

Who makes the wiser decisions, the heart or the head?

Every event is momentary.

Silence is an illusion.

Teaching effectiveness is not prescribed by methodology

But rather by understanding the process as a dynamic art form.

If only ducks could rumba!

– Burt Baldwin, Ignacio

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