On Saturday morning, while most people still slept, more than a dozen volunteers turned out for the Womens Build, a collaborative effort between local women and Habitat for Humanity. The smell of sawdust and caulk filled the air as these ladies got busy on a 1,300-square-foot home on Florida Road that will soon provide housing to a deserivng local family. Habitat for Humanity has already built 24 homes in La Plata County, thanks to the gracious support of the community, homebuilders, the Regional Housing Authority, and local churches. With the financial support of Thrivent, a fraternal benefit society of Lutherans putting profits back into nonprofits, nearly $100,000 has been raised in grant money to continue this much-needed community effort. And not only did these volunteers help bring someones dream that much closer, but it allowed many of the women to hone a few new skills.

The women get working on Saturday morning on various projects
from siding to roofing and trim work. Darcy Alden handles the cutting duties on a miter saw. Cary Campbell goes ot new heights while nailing some trim. Marilyn Metz, from California, concentrates while caulking
around a door frame early Saturday morning. Kim Fields, left, and Diane Brandt show off their epic Womens
Build tattoos, which they say didnt hurt a bit.


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