Crunch Time

With the arrival of the La Plata County Fair last week came the familiar smells of cotton candy, cheap, stuffed animals and janitor sawdust for those upset tummies on the twirley rides. And if you were around on Saturday, you may have smelled gasoline, anti-freeze and gear oil as dozens of old junkers took to the dirt for a jolly, old demolition derby. Car-crushing action kept the crowd roaring throughout the high-octane event, which has become a staple of rural and county fairs across the nation. And with a sold-out show this year, hundereds of eager fans gladly paid for their seats, although they only needed the edge.

Deacon Mitchell brings the heat to help straighten out a bent
frame while Troy Dyer watches on. The car was sponsored by Wagon
Wheel Liquors, SkyWalker Construction and Ska Brewing, and driven
by Gabe Fidanque. Eli Rubel, of theDurango Herald, gets up close and personal with
a few of the drivers during the second heat of the derby. Mud flies as drivers use the back of their cars to inflict the
most damage possible while protecting their engines from
damage. Krissi Elliot, from Cortez, gives a muddy smile as she waits to
be towed out of the arena. The Bone Crusher Express rolls into the arena Saturday afternoon
for a chance at the title.