A swim, a bike and a run, oh my. This years Tri-the-Rim triathlon, held on the Fort Lewis campus, was an enormous success with record turnouts and couldnt-ask-for-better weather. A filed of nearly 200 athletes, comprised of men and women, young and old, took part in the race on Saturday morning. Beginning with a 500-yard swim, participants then swapped their goggles for a helmet during the 12-mile bike ride, and then laced up tight for a side-cramping 5K run. As the final racer crossed the finish line, times were tallied and posted, and an eat, drink and be merry attitude befell the athletes and spectators. Many people feel that the triathlon is the perfect race due to the fact that all aspects of physical fitness are tested, the main one, of course, being endurance. Others feel that triathlons strengthen the human spirit and show what each one of us is capable of. But perhaps its all in the numbers. After all, three is the magic number. And when is the last time you got exited over a quadrathlon?

One swimmer pops up for a breath of air during the swim leg. A swimmer takes a graceful approach along the first few laps of
the triathlon. Athletes get their numbers painted on pre-race in order to make
themselves more visible to race officials. Here, Mari Rice gets a
lucky 133 tattooed down her leg. No race is complete without a bit of friendly competition. There are those who do, and those who watch you do. Mari Rice is
seen here giving a grin to a few spectators in the final lap of her
bike ride. An athlete entering the transition zone after her swim gets
ready for some pedal time. Skipping down the path during the final leg of the triathlon;
the 5K run. Two competitors in the female division get started on the 5K
run. Darrin Eisman, a race-timing specialist, checks the final times
of the athletes at the finish line.


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