Durango Telegraph - ?PureSweetHell? ? Durango DEVO hosts Nov. 6
?PureSweetHell? ? Durango DEVO hosts Nov. 6

Durango has an opportunity to give a little something back to DEVO in coming weeks. On Nov. 6, the development cycling team will host a screening of the film, “PureSweetHell,” a new documentary on the perverse pleasure of cyclocross racing.

The film tells the story of cyclocross, a mix of pedaling, running and punishment that has emerged as road racing’s punk rock cousin. The filmmakers traveled to ’cross competitions throughout North America as they followed the efforts of cyclocross luminaries Justin Robinson, Gina Hall, Barry Wicks and Rick Hunter. Shot entirely on Super 8 and supported by an experimental soundtrack, “PureSweetHell” also delves into vintage footage in an effort Velonews says “takes the viewer on a 60-minute-plus, one-lap circuit of agony and grace that only a cyclocross racer knows.”

The Nov. 6 screening takes place at the Abbey Theatre, and Travis Brown, current national mountain bike marathon champion and native Durangoan, will be on hand for the event. For more information on Durango DEVO, log onto www.durangodevo.com.

– Will Sands

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