Cleaning supplies, paint, automotive fluids, home and car batteries, hobby supplies, propane tanks, pharmaceuticals and garden chemicals, to name a few, were all accepted and properly disposed of Saturday as Durango held its second Household Chemical Collection day at the La Plata County Fairgrounds. What started out as a slow morning turned out to be a pretty busy day as people from all over the county made an effort to get rid of the junk that should not be dropped in the landfill. Local volunteers and waste management companies from all over the state generously gathered to take care of the toxic stuff. A small donation was all that was requested. The money that was collected was used to help offset some of the costs of making the collection possible.

Volunteers and professionals assist a customer as he unloads
items from his car for Household Chemical Day last Saturday. This 8-ounce bottle of mercury is a rare but not uncommon site
at these types of collections. Contractor Travis Boggs pours a load of kitty litter into a
dumpster designated to oil waste with hopes of suppressing the


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