After a week-and-a-half delay, Durango Mountain Resort looks to be in good shape for opening weekend. When temperatures allow, the snow guns have been running at full bore, and with the help of the most recent dump, the mountain looks to be well coated. Retailers have been jazzing up displays with the newest winter fashions while employee-training clinics have been in full swing, teaching the ins and outs of all the new gear. A new ticket office is gathering its final touches, and thanks to all the new snow, there are plenty of sidewalks and stairs to be shoveled. Fifteen bucks will get you on the mountain Saturday for benefit day. Benefit Day tickets are available at both City Markets, Albertsons, Magpies Newstand and on the mountain. Proceeds will go to the new Durango Winter Sports Foundation.

Kelly Hill looks over this seasons crop of rental skis in
preparation for the crowds. Erick Ireland shovels a set of stairs at Durango Mountain Resort
on Tuesday Morning after a foot of fresh snow had fallen. Kalisha Crossland unpacks a box of new clothing at Purgatory
Sports while preparing for opening day. Kelly Hill hangs up a pair of rental skis. Over the past few
weeks, more than 1,500 pairs of skis have been tuned in preparation
of the coming ski season.


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