Any minute the plane could start to rock and shake or suddenly drop out of the sky a few feet. But it it never happens. Instead, the plane is filled will relaxed passengers, catching up on their Danielle Steel addictions, sleeping (sometimes loudly), watching the view pass below the wings or shutting it all out with a $300 pair of headphones. The small planes, affectionately known as puddle jumpers, fly in and out of Durango every day, to an from Salt Lake, Phoenix and Denver among other places. On days when the weather is pleasant, the price tag seems about right. But there are certainly days when the long walk might have been more appealing had you only known.

After a short and surprisingly painless flight from Phoenix, the
little bird is safely on the ground again in Durango. Carl Jones, from Connecticut, looks out the window during a
flight from Phoenix to Durango earlier this week. Andrew Rennert from Detroit enjoys his noise canceling
headphones while the twin engine fills the planes cabin with a
steady hum. A traveler takes advantage of some quiet time to catch up on her