Ear to the ground

“You can’t be commuting by inner tube when you work in a restaurant.”  

-Local woman relating the story of a fellow worker clocking in while soaked in the waters of the Animas

Cover girl

Durango mountain biking phenomenon Shonny Vanlandingham continued her winning ways in early May and scored a spot on the cover ofVelonews for her efforts. The defending cross-country champion, Luna chick and local resident coasted to a win as the National Mountain Bike Series returned to Southern California on May 6.

The 2006 National Mountain Bike Series returned to Southern California on the first weekend in May after a two-year absence. After the traditional season opener at Snow Summit Resort in Big Bear was removed from the schedule following the 2004 season, Southridge Park in nearby Fontana hosted the return of the nation’s off-road cycling series to the region.

During the race, Vanlandingham broke away into a solo lead midway through the first lap. Alison Sydor, Heather Irmiger and Willow Koerber all gave chase but could not catch Shonny.

“I think it works to my advantage to go off the front early,” Vanlandingham told Velonews. “It’s really easy to get caught up in the carnage behind you and get slowed down. Especially on a course like this that has a lot of single-track.”

Ironically, Vanlandingham nearly shared the podium with fellow Durangoan Todd Wells. Wells, the current national cyclocross champion, was in the hunt for first until he and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski crashed in final corner. Wells badly bruised his elbow and arm, was unable to ride the final descent and spent the rest of the day wearing a sling.

Lots of angry men

Broadway has paid an unfortunate visit to Main Avenue. The local theater company, Durango Lively Arts Co., had planned to open the play, “Twelve Angry Men,” this weekend. However, a Broadway revival of the classic work is also taking place, and the rights and script were pulled right out from under the small local production.

The play’s director, Bernard Wolsieffer, issued the following statement: “It is with great sadness that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Durango Lively Arts production of Twelve Angry Men has been cancelled. The producers, cast, crew and director hope that this will in no way dimish the appreciative support of the area’s theatre patrons.”