Ear to the ground

“I just came this close to death by Escalade.”

-A local woman after nearly being run down in the crosswalk at the intersection of College and Main

Running into big press

Durango is continuing to pop up on glossy pages throughout the country. A recent article inRunner’s World profiled our corner of the world as a top running destination.

The article opens, “You wipe the sleep from your eyes, jog a few blocks from a turn-of-the-century downtown, and head off on an early morning run along Rio de Las Animas Perdidas, the River of Lost Souls ... or atop a high ridge that encircles one of the country’s most gloriously scenic college campuses ... or up into the scarred canyons of the outback at the edge of town or ... well, you get the idea.” The story goes on to say that from downtown Durango, good runs “spin off like spokes from a hub – each against a backdrop of the 14,000-foot-high, snow-topped San Juan Mountains, the prettiest range in the Rockies.”

Characterizing the surroundings as “Swiss-style scenery,” the magazine also gives props to our “hyperactive running community” and says that the 6,800-foot altitude is as “close to a perfect runner’s base camp as you’re going to find.”

Lodging properties like the Rochester Hotel, the Strater and the Doubletree all score mentions under headings like “Durango’s Dandiest,” “Downtown D-Town” and “Sweet Suites.”

Maria’s Bookshop owner and avid trail runner Peter Schertz also scores a cameo appearance in the story, saying, “The running out of Durango has to be the best anywhere. I’ve lived here 10 years, and I’m still discovering new trails.”

Iron Horse relics wanted

So you probably won’t land on the podium during the May 27 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Luckily, another option for Iron Horse glory now exists,and you don’t even have to suffer through the 52-mile road race to get it.

The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic is assembling a history publication and a history exhibit to be displayed in the Downtown Main Mall. Memorabilia – including photos, race numbers, T-shirts, water bottles, old legs – are needed. If you have memorabilia to contribute, contact Damiane at 259-4621 or damiane@ironhorsebicycleclassic.com.

An anniversary celebration for the entire community will take place Sun., May 28, at the Main Mall, from 5 to 7 p.m. The history display will be featured, along with a veloswap, fun and food, and tribute to Iron Horse veteran Ned Overend.


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