On a random walk through the Smiley Building, you will travel past doorways and glimpse grace in motion as dancers bound across the hardwood. On that same trip, you'll also pass the pitter patter of excited feet as young dance students hurry to their next lesson. The Dance Center,which calls the Smiley Building home, specializes in shaping the human body into a never-ending series of artistic forms. Offering lessons in everything from ballet to tap to hip hop, the instructors at The Dance Center inspire and instruct artistic motion in students young and old. So, if the limbs are feeling a little stiff and you're in need of a new challenge, meander through the halls of the Smiley Building and pick the dance class that's right for you.

Suzi DiSanto, left, and Lisa Bodwalk organize costumes for over
200 dance students Monday at the Smiley Building. Laurel Schaffer exemplifies the beauty and creativity in dance
as she perfects her form during ballet class upstairs at The Dance
Center Monday morning. Students make their way across the stage at the Smiley Building
during practice Monday. From ballet to hip hop their are a variety of styles on display
at The Dance Center. Aurora Munga, 9, rushes toward the front door of the Smiley
Building as she hurries to class Monday. Angela LaBonde watches over the progress of her ballet class at
The Dance Center on Monday morning.


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