The sight of an overflowing laundry basket or the inability to compile a full outfit including clean socks often indicates that a trip to the local laundromat is in order. This labor-intensive ritual is often ignored but rarely underappreciated once completed. Luckily, Durango is equipped with a multitude of coin laundry operations offering a variety of services and amenities to make an afternoon of clothes washing as painless as possible. From wash and fold services to video games and wi-fi zones, a trip to the laundromat can be both productive and maybe even enjoyable. So quit procrastinating and stop wearing those black and gold parachute pants with the argyle sweater. Its time to rediscover your wardrobe.

A candy machine full of sweets tempts customers at Town Plaza
Coin Laundry. Bill Morrow, of King Center Laundry, takes a commercial order of
clean laundry out to his delivery van on Monday morning. June Hall, owner of Florida Laundry, keeps things running
smoothly after a busy weekend. College Plaza Laundromat owner Lynn Urban gets ready to do a
little cleaning Monday. A detergent machine at North Main Coin Laundry awaits a set of
quarters. Hudson climbs atop the counter at King Center Laundry for a
tasty treat handed out by Rose Barkley. A row of washing machines sits idle on a quiet Tuesday morning
at Town Plaza Coin Laundry.