The endless falling snow along with flashing street signs informing motorists of winter driving conditions caused a flurry of activity last week, as locals rummaged through their closets and dusted off their skis and sleds. With almost 60 inches of snow falling at Durango Mountain Resort in six days, winter returned to Southwest Colorado with a vengeance. The abundance of white stuff offered a temporary sigh of relief for those keeping a watchful eye on the dry conditions, and ss the snow continued to fall, area snowplow drivers worked around the clock to clear the roads as locals headed north to track up the powder.

A snowplow keeps Highway 550 clear of snow late last week at the
top of Coal Bank Pass. The D&SNGRR train rumbles through a snow-filled valley
Saturday as it leaves Hermosa. Hannah Heaton grabs a hold of her poles as she prepares to
graduate to the upper part of Durango Mountain Resort last
weekend. A snowboarder cruises underneath the overpass at Durango
Mountain Resort late last week. Harrison Moore, 5, enjoys all the snow and sunshine despite
taking a hard fall at the Chapman Hill sledding area Monday. Karen Knoll clears the sidewalk just off of Main Avenue in
downtown Durango last weekend.