Normally they are disregarded even though they are present every day no matter where you go or how you get there. Whether pedaling through downtown or driving up to the hill, street signs are both graphic and informative. They dominate our roadways with their vibrant, reflective colors and graphic stick figures. Providing a splash of color or the estimated distance to the next location, street signs are everywhere. So the next time youre behind the steering wheel or atop your bicycle seat take notice of the variety of street signs but don't let them block your ability to take in the view.

A yield sign in downtown Durango helps keep traffic flowing
through a residential neighborhood. A sign labels County Road 245 east of Durango. A no parking sign atop Rim Drive instructs motorists to park
elsewhere. A pair of signs hang from a pole along Florida Road urging
motorists and cyclists to play nice. A pair of signs marks the intersection of E. Third Avenue and
Ninth Street. A sign directs traffic towards the Durango Public Library just
off E. Third Avenue. A bullet hole decorates a sign along Florida Road just east of
County Road 250.


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June 13, 2019
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