Play ball!

Bare hands and never over-running first base were the norm last Saturday as Durangos own Durango Nine suited up for nine innings aginst the Colorado Territorial Allstars from Denver. The two vintage baseball teams played at the Family Picnic on June 24 in celebration of Durangos 125th birthday. All of the players dressed in period uniforms and mostly used vintage bats and balls. Some spectators even sported 19th century garb. Before the game began, old rules were thouroughly including the one bounce rule, where a fielder can catch a ball after one bounce for an out. Although confusing at times, most caught on quickly, and Durango witnessed a true piece of baseball history.

Duane Smith sends in a high pitch during the first inning of the
old-time baseball game last Saturday. A player for the Durango nine stands in left field, ready for
play. An old box filled with historic bats and balls sits open on the
field as two players stand nearby. Baseballs of the 19th century
were typically much softer, making playing bare-handed much less
painful. After hitting the ball into center field, a player sprints to
first base. Another vintage rule in place Saturday was that players
could not overrun first base. Nick Skahill 14, tosses a ball during the pre-game ceremonies.
Skahill, along with all of the players, were dressed in period