One of Cacey Luzars sisters was named Fiesta Days Princess and then Queen. Her other sister was also a Princess. At 14 years old, Casey hopes to follow in their footsteps. Each year as part of the Fiesta Days celebration, a competition is held and a new Junior Princess, Princess and Queen are named. Fiesta Days, Durangos oldest event, continues through this weekend. For over 70 years, Fiesta Days has included a full slate of rodeo events, special performances, a street dance, parade and, of course, the royalty pagaent. For the schedule of events, visit On the Town on pages 20-22.

Casey Luzar makes an adjustment to her hat before going on
stage. Casey Luzar, right, and two other competitors watch from behind
the glass as another hopeful performs on stage. Casey Luzar rehearses her routine. As part of the competition,
all of the girls are expected to memorize and perform a
several-minute-long speech. Casey leaves the dressing room shortly before going on stage.
Casey is competing in the Fiesta Days princess pageant for the
first time. Casey Luzar freshens up in the storage compartment of her horse