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Deitch the greenest choice

Dear editors,

I have listened to and read about all of the candidates for state representative. After careful consideration, I can see that the clear choice for the position is Jeff Deitch.

I have strong personal concerns about environmental protection. Recent news reports tell us that mercury is poisoning the fish in Vallecito Lake, and air pollution is deteriorating the ruins at Mesa Verde. Look around you and watch the beautiful landscapes give way to expansive townhouse developments.

In candidate debates, speeches and on his website, Jeff has shown the courage and honesty to address these problems. I applaud him for his willingness to question those who say paving over paradise is inevitable. I especially admire his firm stand against the proposed Village at Wolf Creek.

Jeff understands that our natural environment is fragile and requires careful attention. I feel confident that he will promote conservation and protect the quality of the pristine places we call home. I urge you to vote for Jeff Deitch for state representative in the Democratic primary on Tues., Aug. 8

– Joe D’Aleo, Durango


Deitch honest, capable candidate

To the editors,

I want to remind all Democrats to vote in the primary election for Jeff Deitch for state representative.I’ve known Jeff for 16 years. I know he is an honest, fair, capable man who will listen to and represent all of us.

Remember, good government starts at home. If you are 18 or older, and you want your voice heard in Denver, vote for Jeff Deitch on Aug. 8.

– Macel Hahn, Bayfield

What Jesus would do

Dear editors,

A common misperception of Christ is that he is serious, strict or gloomy. Au contraire. He spent 30 odd years healing the sick, raising the dead and loving everyone he encountered. Therefore, the conclusion I draw, which I deem accurate, is that Jesus was never without a smile on his face and love in his heart. He may even be fond of practical jokes.

People who construe Christianity as a “Thou shalt not” religion are sadly mistaken. When we judge each other, we are usurping the monarchical privilege of Christ. He told us to “Judge not, lest we be judged.” When we shake our fingers at each other, criticize each other or condemn each other, we are putting on airs, for all of us are sinners and have no right to pretend otherwise. When I see presidents, politicians and common citizens arguing over homosexuals, I become irritated, because Jesus would not, from the example he set, have cornered or hurt these people. He gave people the truth, to take or to leave as they saw fit, never forcing his love, or his laws, on anyone. We would do well to do likewise.

– Kevin Swinderman, via e-mail

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