Salute to America

Durango went all out for Americas 230th birthday party last Tuesday. After a day of events through out town, the evening kicked off with the annual parade along Main Avenue, where one could find everything from fire trucks to a giant green pickle. A dance party in the street led by The High Rollers followed. Shortly after sundown, fireworks lit up the night sky with an impressive show of colors and earth shaking booms.

The fiddle player for Isaac Ducker, 7, watches the fireworks display from downtown
Durango. Bumper-to-bumper foot traffic crosses 8th Street during the
Fourth of July celebration downtown. What seemed like a record
turnout packed Durango streets and businesses on Tuesday. Onlookers watch from the sidelines as an old time cyclist passes
during the parade. A woman captures the street dance on her digital camera, as
hundreds turn out to boggie on Main. Molly Watson of Durango cleans up her horse BUB before parading
down Main Avenue.