Paper Trail

From newspapers to refrigerator boxes, there is little the Durango Recycling Center cant handle. Thankfully, the residents of Durango take advantage of the service and generate an estimated 3,000 tons of recyclables annually, which are processed and shipped from the Durango Recycling Center at 710 Tech Center Drive. The recycling program which began in April of 1990 has steadily grown as new materials, including telephone directories and corrugated cardboard, have been added to the allowed recyclables. The latest addition to the recycling operation is plastic which joined the line-up in March of last year. With three drop-off locations in Durango as well as sites in Bayfield and Ignacio, there is no reason to let those beer bottles and milk containers clog the landfills. To find drop-off locations or to inquire about curbside collection, visit the City of Durangos website at:

Amos Padilla, left, and Jeremy Peters sort through a conveyor
belt full of plastics Monday morning. Amos Padilla operates the forklift as he fills a truck with
paper, which will be shipped to Snowflake, Ariz., where it will be
recycled into new paper products. The top of a large, blue recycling container remains closed at
the Tech Center drop-off location Monday. Jeremy Peters, left, throws away a plastic cap that cannot be
recycled, as Amos Padilla continues to filter through the incoming
recyclables. Aluminum cans are lifted up a conveyor belt before being crushed
and stored as large blocks. Four large blocks of aluminum cans rest outside the Durango
Recycling Center on Monday awaiting their ship date.


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