Ear to the ground

“I can’t believe it. ‘Red’ McCombs real first name is actually Billy Joe.”

-Local woman marveling at the Texas name game


A case of altitude stiffness

There’s new hope for those getting a little gray on top. People over the age of 50 are actually in prime position to embark on careers in high-altitude mountaineering. Courtesy of brain shrinkage, the elderly are actually less susceptible to altitude sickness, according to recent studies.

As people age, their brains shrink and require less oxygen. This deficit also makes elders less susceptible to the severe and often fatal forms of altitude sickness – cerebral and pulmonary edema. Those who feel the effects can also turn to a curious remedy: Viagra. The drug that is prescribed for impotency also promotes oxygenation through increased blood flow.

One of nation’s premiere high-altitude physicians, Peter Hackett, shared this information with the Telluride Watch recently. Renowned among climbers for his work on Denali, he now practices medicine in Telluride.

To reduce the chances of altitude sickness, Hackett urges visitors to hold off on the Viagra until absolutely necessary. Instead, he prescribes acclimatization and a night or two at 7,000 feet before continuing to a Telluride ski vacation at 9,600 feet.


   DMR cracks open backside


Viagra is no longer necessary to enjoy time up at Durango Mountain Resort. The backside of Purgatory Mountain, including Chair 3 and a bulk of the runs serviced by the high-speed quad, will open this Sat., Jan. 7. The New Year’s storm that brought 10 inches of new snow combined with ongoing snowmaking efforts made the Saturday opening possible. “The snow from this last storm had a very favorable moisture content, and we have been working hard packing and prepping the runs over the last couple of days,” said resort Vice-President of Operations Mike McCormack. “With favorable cold temperatures for snowmaking also forecast all this week, we’re looking forward to a solid opening of the backside.”

Specifics will be available on Thursday, and frontside runs continue to be open.


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