On a Roll

From norimaki to temaki to nigiri, no matter how its rolled, sliced, diced or prepared, Durango's sushi chefs are magicians at creating visually stimulating, mouth- watering delicacies. With quality fish and seafood arriving daily into our land-locked town, theres plenty of reason for both sushi novices and hard core veterans to indulge themselves. Plus, local sushi addicts have a variety of options to fulfill any sushi craving. So the next time youre out, let Durango's master sushi chefs throw together a bit of seaweed, rice, and raw fish for a decadent dining experience. And don't forget the wasabi.

A side of wasabi sits beside the sushi trays at South City Market prior to the Tuesday lunch rush. Yarko Thomas, right, works behind the sushi bar at East by Southwest Monday after a busy holiday season in Durango. Cornelius Murry, left, and Koko Mizuno keep up with a rush of customers at the Sushitarian. A pair of sushi knives and a collection of ingredients sit ready and waiting on the sushi bar at East by Southwest. Sushi chef Koko Mizuno precisely slices a salmon filet at the Sushitarian. Jason Burgett, sushi bar manager, prepares a roll at East by Southwest Monday evening. Yarko Thomas grabs a handful of rice as the kitchen gets busy just after Mondays opening at East by Southwest.


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