Kickin' It

The Durango Recreation Center was awash in the quick and calculated movements of white-robed martial artists Monday as the Durango Karate Club made the gymnasium its temporary home for the evening. Instructor and blackbelt Ken Wright teaches the fundamentals of karate while emphasizing the benefits of fitness, self respect and presence of mind. Encouraging participation from all ages and demographics, the Durango Karate Club is open to anyone who is interested. Classes are held Monday and Wednesday evenings at Park Elementary. For more information contact Ken Wright at 385-4064.

Janet Hobbs sits on the Durango Recreation Center hardwood and
gets warmed up before routines began. Instructor Ken Wright spars with a student during a bo staff
exercise Monday evening at the Rec Center. The Durango Karate Club moves through a routine. Deb Pace works with a bo staff during drills. Tony Spencer gets into position during one of the Durango Karate
Club's bi-weekly practices. Janet Hobbs spars with a partner during the evenings