With the biggest date night of the year around the corner The Telegraph asked: “What was you worst date ever?”

Allyssun Stensen

“I once went out with Mr. Utah but realized half way through the date that he was prettier than I was, so I pretended to be ill and went home.”

Lori Seidler

“One of my first dates ever, I fell out of the car and tore my stockings, he got a speeding ticket and we were both in trouble for being home past curfew.”

  Kyla Jenkinson

“On a first date, this guy took me out for Mexican food and then proceeded to blast silent-but-deadly farts the whole way home without so much as opening the cars windows. Needless to say there was no second date.”

Gina M. Keirns

“I once went out with a computer geek who did nothing but talk about how great he was, so I tried to escape out of the ladies room window.”